Gang saws for spring setting

They are simple, inexpensive and have low demands on manufacturing. Their life- time can be extended with hard chrome layer, which increases cutting edge durability and protects the tool from corrosion. We supply them in raw condition without set, with arbitrary tooth shape and pitch or with standard tooth shapes according to fig. below. If customer wants there is ability to professionally set and sharp teeth.


Stellite tipped gang saws

The advantage of stellite tipped gang saws is higher dull resistance, better cutting quality. On the other side disadvantage is the necessity of more powerful machines, be- cause wider kerf produces higher cutting resistance. Saws are available with shapes ac- cording to fig. 2 and with pitches 25, 26, 28, 30 and 35 mm. Standard side side clearance of stellite is 0,95 mm.


Mini gang saws

We offer wide range of mini gang saws. They are manufactured with shape and dimensions upon request of customer, mainly for machines Wintersteiger. Gang saws are made of steel strip, which is suitable for band saw blades with stellite tipped teeth. Tooth profile, pitch are fully customizable to meet customer ́s demands.