Grinding wheels

We offer grinding wheels for all kind of our products. Corundum wheels are used to sharp gang saws, bandsaw blades and circular saws without HM tips. CBN wheels are great choice for grinding hard materials except HM. Diamond wheels are used to grind HM tips. In our proposal there are wheels with different shapes, dimensions and ingredients. For more info please contact our sales representative.

Special dimensions, shapes upon request.

Hangers for frame saws and tabbing

Hangers are made in basis of sample or drawing from customer. They are also available separately upper, lower or only wedge. Tabbing with holes in one row (Jansen) are made specially in pursuance of customers requirements.

Special dimensions, shapes upon request.

Cleaning concentrate

Cleaning concentrate BGS is supplied in 5 or 10 l containers. This agent is used to clean circular saws, gang saws and wood bandsaw blades. Depending on contamination is advised to dilute with ratio from 1:5 up to 1:10.

Set gauges, set pliers, servicing accessories

With set gauges personnel can easily measure side clearance of stellite tipped, swaged, hard metal and spring set teeth on gang saws, bandsaw blades, circular saws. This item should not miss from any workshop. Set pliers are used to set teeth on gang saws, bandsaw blades and circular saws. They are available in two modifications: pliers for bandsaw blades with thickness 1,65 mm and pliers for gang saws, circular saws. Steel ruler is useful for visual checking of tool flatness. We supply them mainly in lengths between 100 and 500 mm. With leveling hammers personel can easily level circular saw bodies, gang saws, bandsaw blades. 1kg head weight.

Gang saw spacers, saw blade spacers, reduction rings

Gang saw spacers are made from tough resistant plastic materials and they are used to set the right distance between twoo saws. Spacers are also available with mag- nets. Standard dimensions are 120 x 40 mm, thickness is customizable. Saw blade spacers defines distance between ripping saw blades. They are made fully to customers needs in arbitrary diameters, thicknesses and slots. If required different surface finish can be made, for example blacking, galvanizing. Reduction rings are used if saw blade bore diam- eter decreasing is required.