Chipper knives

They are used for crushing, cutting waste wood. Supplyed for machines: Linck, EWD, Klöckner, Heinola, Vecoplan, Drevoindustria, Pallman and other. Except knives we also deliver counterknives, pressure bars and other components. Providing also special substandard knives.

Special dimensions, shapes upon request.

Planing knives

They are used in planning machines. Knives are mainly made of HSS 18%W, HSS 6%W, HLS 13% Cr or HM. We offer also profile cutters with fixation grooves suit- able for wood shaping.

Special dimensions, shapes upon request.

Flaker knives

They are used in final manufacturing step of making OSB and QSB boards. We offer knives mainly for machines Pallmann, Hombak, but we can make other types In basis of documents from customer.

Profile cutters

Profile cutters enables to mill the desired shape to board sides. They are used in furniture industry.

Special dimensions, shapes upon request.

Shredder knives

Crown knives are used for crushing of waste material in woodworking industry. Except knives we offer accessories. 

Special dimensions, shapes upon request.

Chipper knives to mobile chipping machines

These knives are supplied in big quantities. They are used to crushing waste wood in mobile chipping machines like Jenz, Mus-Max and other.

Special dimensions, shapes upon request.

Debarking knives

For debarking logs before the primary process- ing. Available in hardened condition or with hard metal plates. We offer wide range of them.

Reversible knives

Reversible knives are available in different shapes. Most used are square and rectangle with two or four cutting edges. They are often applied in milling heads of hand tools and for CNC controlled machining centers.




Except of shown knives we are able to deliver other types also. In this case please don ́t hesitate to contact your dealer.