As an exclusive distributor in Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary we offer high quality products from renowned saw tool manufacturer Bohlerwerk TKM Austria GmbH (earlier Bohler-Miller, BMMS) with more than 100 years of experience. This company is known worldwide thanks of their quality tools for primary wood processing. Their product range covers circular saws, segments, gang saws, hangers and knives for every machine type. Tools are precisely made in basis of parameters from customer. With TKM tools you can reach the highest performace.

HM Circular saw blades and segments

Circular saw blades are one of the main products of TKM. Bodies are made of special steel and then heat treated. Saws have high strength and stability. Thanks to quality bodies these saw blades can be manufactured with larger diameters and thinner kerfs.

Basic circular saw blade series, which are always in stock are shown below:

400×4,2/2,8×30 20+4 550×5,0/3,5×30 60WZ
400×4,4/3,0×30 20+4 550×5,2/3,5×30 80WZ
425×5,2/3,5×30 24+4 600×5,2/3,8×30 80WZ
450×5,0/3,2×30 24+4 600×5,2/3,8×30 108WZ
500×5,0/3,2×30 24+4 600×5,5/3,8×30 120WZ
500×5,2/3,5×30 22+6 600×6,0/4,0×30 60WZ
550×5,5/3,6×30 24+6 600×6,2/4,0×30 96WZ
550×6,2/3,8×30 24+6 700×6,0/4,0×30 72WZ
600×6,2/4,2×30 28+6 700×6,5/4,5×30 84WZ
630×6,0/3,8×70 18+6 700×6,2/4,2×30 108WZ
700×6,5/4,5×35 28+6 700×6,0/4,0×30 132WZ
800×7,5/5,0×35 24+8  

Gang saws

Company TKM also manufactures good quality gang saw blades for spring setting, with hard chrome plating and stellite tipped. As one of the few manufacturers provides heat treatment for gang saw bodies. Tools achieve a good properties, which elongates their lifetime and improve cutting parameters. Chrome plated design ensures long cutting edge lifetime with the combination of increased body strength. These properties are mainly known in winter months. Stellite tipped gang saw blades combines quality body and quality stellite on teeth. These tools reaches very high cutting performance and superior cutting surface.

Chipper knives

In knife manufacturing TKM also belongs between biggest and with highest quality in the world. They have more than 100 years of experience in this branch and exporting their products to whole world. In product range we can find chipper, veneer, for mobile chippers, planning knives and many others.

Hydraulic gang saw straining and hanger manufacturing

With hydraulic straining mechanism gang saws can be strained fast and precisely in the frame. The straining force in this case is not from hand turning of excenter but from pressure of hydraulic pump. Saws are strained all at once with constant force. The advantage of this system is fast adjustment, ideal strain in the tools and from this effective cutting. The mechanism can be mounted on nearly every machine, because it is made in basis of frame dimensions. For this hydraulic system company offers hangers from high quality materials. Hangers can be made with any configuration also in basis of example piece.